About New Build Sales Investments…

A full-service residential property investment consultancy specialising in high-income buy-to-let London properties

New Build Sales have established a rock-solid reputation among

buy-to-let property investors for providing a stress-free, end-to-

end investment service in the dynamic London housing market.


When it comes to achieving impressive capital growth

alongside optimal rental incomes, our bespoke investment

service delivers outstanding returns on new-build residential

properties through off-plan discounted deals.



Long-standing working relationships with leading UK developers

– such as Barratt Homes, Higgins Homes and Wilmington New

Homes – enable us to negotiate substantial discounts through

bulk deals.


Building Opportunities

In addition, these exciting opportunities are available exclusively

to New Build Sales investors – novice and experienced alike –

up to 18 months before the properties are built. This means you

can cherry-pick the best units before everyone else.


Free Consultancy

Clients can also availability of our extensive consultancy services

on legal, financial and construction issues. These range from

areas as diverse as contractual and mortgage matters to

practicalities such as rental arrangements and furnishings.


Experienced Team  

Every member of the New Build Sales team is committed to

providing a level of service that is pleasant, efficient and

overwhelmingly professional. Whether you’re a developer or an

investor, you will benefit hugely by contacting us today.


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About New Build Sales

New Build Sales is one of the

leading buying agents for

London’s off plan property

market. We oversee the entire

buying process and do all the

legwork so you don’t have to.


Why invest with us?

As buying agents, we will

ensure that you buy the right

property at the right price. That

you save time without any

wasted viewings. That you

don’t miss out on exciting

opportunities. And that you are

equipped with the knowledge

and insight you need to make

an informed decision.


Our Team

Each member of the New Build

Sales team offers informed,

objective and independent

advice on every aspect of the

property buying process, so

that you can be confident you

are securing the right property

on the best possible terms.


Some of our recent developments

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