Linking Developers With Investors…

New Build Sales provide an essential service

for property developers to facilitate new-

build transactions in the fluid London property



The role of New Build Sales in providing the professional

interface to connect developers with  buyers and investors is

key to the success of so many developments across London.


In the past two years alone, we have facilitated off-

plan transactions worth over £40 million from a wide-ranging

clientele throughout Europe and the Middle East.


In what can be an unpredictable market, developers of all types

and sizes – national, local and regional – often prefer to sell

their properties to an experienced buying agency which can

source buyers and investors right away.


Similarly, investors will be more likely to entrust their

purchasing decisions to a knowledgeable and well-connected

company like New Build Sales, especially those who are

unfamiliar with the complex London property market.

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Marketing Services For Developers

Our highly competent sales and marketing team can value

your properties and make a major contribution to finding

buyers quickly and efficiently.


Recognising the significant costs involved in launching a development – preparing a

show-home, paying the marketing and sales team, not to mention the advertising

outlay and marketing materials needed – New Build Sales can provide the

reassurance you need by minimising the financial and commercial risks.


It makes sense therefore to work with an experienced buying agency like New Build

Sales to identify buyers in the early phases of your project. We can achieve this on

your behalf by:


Securing Pre-Sales

We guarantee to find you an offer within 72 hours. This will help to provide the initial

funds you need for the development.


Assembling Bulk Purchases

To sell large numbers of stock-units – or where you have outstanding properties

unsold – we can source the buyers you need to help achieve your sales targets.


Typical Breakdown Of Costs

The typical breakdown of costs for developers prior to a launch include;


Typical Costs


Marketing materials and brochures




Show homes and fittings


Marketing and sales team




To find out more about the range of services we provide for developers, contact our Managing Director, Peter To, today.

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