Buy to Let Investments

Having built a sizeable buy-to-let portfolio in the space of 4 short

years, Director Peter To’s buy-to-let investments is now valued

at a staggering £4.2 million.


It now provides him with a passive income that underlies wealth

generation. Here, our Director shares his insight on investing in

buy-to-let properties.


Investing and buying in Buy to let properties
Investing and buying in Buy to let properties

Buy to Let

My favourite but probably the most labour intensive, buy to let is the backbone

of nearly all my successful friends. You can build a strong asset base

relatively quickly that continues to grow year on year, and makes banks want

to throw money at you.


I see buy-to-let as a slow burning money system which generates money month on

month year on year guaranteed!


I once had how it works explained to me in quite crude terms by my very straight

talking friend Martin Skinner, so please pardon this example.


Basically you buy boxes, and you place people in them. For that privilige they pay

you a part of their wage without argument at the end of each month. You pay the

mortgage, the rent often exceeds this by 40% and you keep the difference. The more

boxes you have the more pipelines of cash you have. That simple.


Admittedly this investment class takes up most of my time albeit 3 hours a week but

provides me with over £16k a month in cash flow and around £4000 profit (due to

cheap rates of course)


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