Our informed property

investment advisors

will help you maximise

your ultimate selling

price by having an exit

strategy in place when

you first buy a property

Property Resale

When it comes to re-assigning your off plan contract

or selling your new home, as property consultants

we can help you to obtain the maximum price, with

the minimum amount of stress.


At some point in the process you may want to exit your

investment to realise the capital growth. Deciding on

the best time to cash in on your investment can take a

lot of work for the individual investor, who would need

to be constantly up to date with the local market and

their property’s place within it.


Let us oversee the entire process for you. From

choosing the most appropriate selling agent through

to the legal aspects.


Exit Strategy

The exit strategy is crucial and something New Build

Sales carefully consider before recommending any of

our properties. Our property consultants will identify

the optimum timing for your exit strategy, and can

advise you on when to market your property to realise

your investment potential.


We’re expert property negotiators and utilise our

expertise to your advantage. We use our extensive

connections within the industry to instruct the most

appropriate agents to value and sell your property,

whilst securing the most favourable terms. Our

expertise and contacts in the property market

means we know the best-selling agents to use for

specific areas across London and ensure the

property is sold for the best possible price.


Contact us for a one-to-one consultation

with our advisors for details on our exit strategy and

how we can oversee the entire process for you.


We have an excellent relationship with estate

agents, and maintain constant contact on a daily

basis for feedback on viewings – keeping you

updated on every milestone in the progress.


How we sell your property

Once your property has been valued, we conduct

our own comparable research and check the

valuations are appropriate. Based on our research, our

consultants can offer expert advice on the overall

marketing strategy; the price to market at and how to

professionally showcase your property at its best to

achieve the optimum yield possible.


We have long-standing relationships with experienced

independent law firms who we highly recommend to

our clients. However, if you would like to use your own

solicitor we will liaise with them once an offer is

agreed, and oversee the entire legal and conveyance

process to ensure the transaction is successfully



We also have an extensive clientele of reliable and

interested investors, including cash buyers and

overseas investors. Our ever increasing database is

sure to have a buyer who is looking for your property

and can complete in a timescale suitable to you.


To find our more about the property sales and

re-selling services provided by New Build Sales,

contact us today on

020 7232 0333

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