New Build Sales

specialises in the off

plan property market

and offers a bespoke

sourcing and

acquisitions service

for investors. We find

high yielding 

investment opportunities

across London and

negotiate the best

possible prices for our


Property Sourcing

New Build Sales are an experienced

property investment consultancy with

great contacts and an in-depth

knowledge of effective purchasing in the

competitive London property market


Whether you’re looking for the ideal London home

to add to your property portfolio – or you want a

buy-to-let property that ticks all the boxes – you

should get in touch with New Build Sales.



Our experienced team of property investment

consultants can tap into an extensive professional

network and strong relationships with leading

developers.  Add to this an in-depth understanding of

the London property market and you have the

makings of a perfect partnership.


New Build Sales provide a bespoke property sourcing

service where we work with closely with you – our

client – on a one-to-one basis.  The process begins

with discussing your business objectives and

timescales.  We can then devise an investment

strategy and deploy our expert negotiating skills to

secure the best possible deal on your behalf.


You’ll find full details of our expertise in this area by

visiting the New Build Sales Property Investment

Services page. 


Sourcing properties at the right price in the highly

competitive London market demands knowledge of

many factors.  For example: price per square foot can

vary from one London borough to another – and from

street to street.  Even the prices of properties on

different floors of the same block can show a huge



New Build Sales take these and other factors into

account when negotiating a purchase.  With London

property prices being so high, it’s important to have

experienced purchasing professionals in place to

ensure that you and your money are not sucked into

an inflationary property-price spiral.


To find out more about the property purchasing

consultancy services provided by New Build Sales,

contact us today.

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